Buying safely

Buying Safely

  • Never pay for goods in advance. Reputable dealers will request payment on delivery or use established escrow systems.
  • Make sure to sign a written contract before transactions are made.
  • Paperwork sent by electronic means can easily be falsified. Have this in mind if you ask for registration and identity documents by e-mail.
  • Luxury-Goods does not work as a trustee service. We do not certify any dealers or private sellers. Luxury-Goods does not take any responsibility for transactions between sellers and buyers
  • Watch out for false e-mails. Luxury-Goods would never contact you by mail to ask you for your account details or password. Unfortunately it is possible to fake e-mail addresses. In the unlikely event of receiving e-mail from Luxury-Goods asking you about your details, please contact us at

Don’t forget to…

  • Ask for original registration papers
  • Sign a written contract
  • Check what import/export taxes apply from/to your country